How and where to find a topic

We all sometimes run out of topics to write about. Here are some links to posts that can help us get the creative juice flowing again and also about how to use the creativity wisely.

Skellie writes about 110+ Resources For Creative Minds, an impressive and very varied list.

Tips, tutorials, exercises and inspiration from the fields of visual art, writing, photography, blogging, design and invention. Next time you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration I hope you’ll find something here to get your right brain firing. A tip: sometimes the best sources of inspiration often lie far outside your own creative field.

Another post by Skellie is How to Innovate by Solving Problems.

Any successful blog or website must be innovative. If you’re not innovating, you’re not offering potential readers a worthwhile choice.

Leo Babauta has a guest post at Skelliewag titled The Top 20 Ways to Come Up With Amazing Ideas.

Coming up with ideas is a skill, actually, something that’s become easier with practice. And I don’t have one single method of coming up with great ideas for articles, except this one: I’m ALWAYS on the lookout.

Leo has another guest, at North x East, titled 3 Rules for Finding Great Post Ideas, and 15 Places to Look for Them. post

Tip one is this: Carry your notebook everywhere, always have some kind of writing implement, and write things down immediately.

Skellie has a guest post at DailyBlogTips titled Use These 10 Tips to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever. The idea is that “One popular post can bring your more traffic and links than a month’s worth of your usual content“, Skellie helps you raise to the challenge.

Chris Garrett posts about How to Generate Post Ideas When You Are Stuck.

Sarah Lewis at Blogging Expertise posts about Three unexpected weapons in the battle against “blogger’s block”.

Maki at DoshDosh has a Blogging Tip: How to Use Social News Aggregators as a Source for Content Ideas.

Note: Photo by aloshbennett.

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